- COLORS - 2017

悠佑 – 2017年発表作品 「 – COLORS – 」

悠佑 - COLORS - 2017
Thank you very much for visiting the exhibition.
The theme is the personal car, which in Japanese we
typically call our aisha – literally, “beloved car.” Love for one’s
vehicle may originate and show in a multitude of ways.
Indeed, it is different for each person. Exploring the endless
diversity in the appearance of people’s beloved cars, to date I
have captured more than 750,000 images.
Cars are loved at first sight, loved for the ways they resonate
with the hearts of their owners. Over time, my photo
opportunities have reminded me more and more that the
origin of the increasingly radiant beauty is not that the car is
loved because it is beautiful, but rather that it is beautiful
because it is continuously loved.
I have selected the beloved cars for this exhibition after
careful, repeated consideration of many aspects, from
models and body colors to the seasons and time periods and
locations of the photos, with the goal of harmonizing the
entire gallery space around my theme.
As a result the number of images and the sizes of the prints
grew much larger than I had originally planned, filling up
every bit of the available space. I feel I have succeeded in
presenting the worldview of “car photos.” By the way, the
Japanese name of this exhibition, Shashin, is a wordplay that
sounds like “Photographs” but reads as “Car Photos.”
I owe an immense debt of gratitude to many, many people
whose cooperation has made this exhibition possible,
including each of the owners who consented to the photos,
as well as all those who have supported my photography
activities. I hope you will be able to take as much time as you
like to enjoy the show.
March 2017, Yusuke